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Photo of Ansel What is a Holy Hot Boy? In New Orleans culture the term "hot boy" refers to a person who is about handling their business. A hot boy is usually about representing themselves, their clique, or their city. A hot boy can make something out of nothing. Meaning no matter how dire, hard, or impossible the situation may be, a hot boy will come out on top. A hot boy is a person full of courage and is known to have a big heart. A hot boy has expectations but can play the game how it goes or adapt to any situation. A hot boy will not tolerate being disrespected because he knows who he is. A hot boy makes sure that people respect his mind (give him respect) because of the way he carries himself and the business that he handles 24/7. 

Ansel Augustine is a hot boy in all of these ways, but as a servant of the Lord, he has tweaked the hot boy image a little to develop the Holy Hot Boy. Ansel considers himself an ambassador for Christ. He spreads the message of the Gospel wherever he goes to young and old alike. As a holy hot boy he:

  • Handles his business in a Christian manner 24/7
  • He is willing to die for what he believes
  • He can usually make a successful event that gives glory to God even in the most unlikely situations
  • Has overcome many obstacles to get to this point in life and gives all his success to God
  • He is full of courage and has a heart devoted to Jesus
  • He can adapt his ministry to fit any situation or need
  • He will not let anyone disrespect his faith because he knows who he is and Whose he is
  • He makes sure that his blessings fall back to his community and tries to teach others to do the same as well

St. Peter Claver Catholic Church (Amsterdam Concert)

St. Peter Claver: My Home Church in New Orleans!!!

NCYC 2007

Fr. Tony doing the electric slide at NCYC

Holy Hot Boy Theme Song

R u a Scripture Chaser
U Got Ur Spirit On Fire
Representin' for God until the Moment U Expire
U know what it is
To mke Somethin out of Nothin
U handle Ur Biz
And Start Prayin when there's sufferin...

All this is to model the life of the original Holy Hot Boy – Jesus Christ!!

Welcome to www.holyhotboy.com! We hope that our services can meet your ministry’s needs. Please contact us to see if we are able to speak at your next event for youth or adults. Peace and God Bless!!